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What are you famous for?

For lots of us, these last few months have been focussed on keeping on keeping on, adding new ways to reach our customers, or setting out in completely new directions. Understandably, marketing may have either taken a back seat or been very tactical to generate immediate revenue.

Perhaps you’re now at the point of reviewing those activities and how cost-effective they have been for you. One of the ways to ensure value for money is by delivering the right messages to the right people, and that your brand is clearly differentiated from your competitors.

Now is a great time to consider your brand, what it’s famous for and how it’s positioned relative to competitors. Finding your fame involves understanding your market, your customers and how your brand, products and services are unique. It helps create space for you to own and gives clarity to your ongoing decision making.

Establishing your unique positioning in your market involves asking yourself some searching questions –

Who are you?

What makes you special?

And who cares about that?

I can help guide you to the answers; and your payoff is being clear about how to communicate your brand’s individuality, and how to drive your business forward with your customers front of mind.

Plus, the New Zealand government has some funding available to assist with this work.

So, get in touch for a no obligation chat (coffee is on me) and let’s see if, together, we can find your fame.


Phone: 0276333146


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