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Yawn, stretch, 5 star jumps, buckle in and start planning

Happy 2024 Everyone,

I hope you have had rest and recharge holidays and eager to get into the new year. It's Q4 and the end of this financial year is in our sights. This is also the right time for planning 2024-25 and beyond.

Here are my top tips for approaching your strategic planning. (😉 Yes they seem bang-your-head-against-the-wall obvious but it’s good to remember the importance of doing the basics well):

1.    📅 Commit time to developing your plan – avoid rushing it.

2.    👩‍💻 Understand your current situation in detail to create the base for a strong plan. 

3.   🔜 Prioritise new markets, product/service developments and other innovations by assessing the costs, benefits, and risks for each option. Avoid trying to do everything at once.

4.    🎯 Set short, medium and long term goals to keep your eye on the big picture while also having practical do-now actions.

5.   📢  Share the plan with your team and celebrate milestones and successes large and small to keep you all accountable and motivated.


If you’d value practical guidance in your strategic planning, I'm here to help with my toolkit and advice, or to actually help you develop your plan, and you might be entitled to Regional Business Partners co-funding. Shout out for a ☕ and a chat to find out more.


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