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Light up your face!

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

We're all now well into the swing of video based meetings, and I don't know about you but I'm seeing some great and not so great use of the camera. I'm no expert, but I do know that there are some simple things that can make all the difference to the way others see you on a video call.

1. Light up your face - get some light in front of you. Preferably natural but even a desk lamp can make all the difference. Light behind or to the side of you puts your face in shadow.

2. Get the camera up - I think we've all seen our fair share of nostrils this month. Getting the camera up to eye level gives a much more flattering shot. So grab a shoe box, stack of books or whatever you have handy that provides elevation.

3. Keep straight - put the camera straight ahead of you. It's ok if you need to glance to another screen or papers (everyone will) but it's still better for the camera to be straight ahead of you so that for most of the time you're looking at the poeple you're meeting with, not off to the side.

Auburn Marketing, Camera placement
Same place, same day, same gear, different camera position

Of course there are also the obvious other things about a tidy neutral background and/or some virtual background wizardry; but even following my three quick tips above can remove the distractions of a poorly placed camera and help your colleagues focus on what you're saying.

Happy videoing everyone!


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