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Kon Mari your marketing plan

Marie Kondo helped us sort out our cupboards, and didn't we all breathe just a little easier afterwards? There's something about being able to see what you've got laid out, then removing the junk, that brings clarity and peace of mind - something in short supply today. It's the same for our businesses, it's really stressful at the moment but having a clear path forwards can help us feel a little less uncertain.

Many of us are having to make changes in how we reach our customers and what we deliver for them. In fact, what your customers need now and their spending priorities will probably have changed from just two months ago.

Whether your business has traded through Level 4, you're needing to make significant changes to your whole model or something in between, a well targeted marketing plan will help ensure that your valuable budget is spent in the right places.

I'm no Marie K, but I can help you clarify your way forward with a 3-step process that asks these questions:

1. Where are we now?

2. Where are we going?

3. How are we going to get there?

Auburn Marketing 3-step marketing planning

Other benefits of having a sound plan include:

  • Better understanding your customers

  • Clarification of priorities

  • Demonstrating to stakeholders (e.g. customers, shareholders, banks etc) that you’re on top of your business

  • Helping to secure funding to support growth

  • Bringing your colleagues along and helping them see the direction of the company

  • Guiding and prioritising your innovation

  • Working most effectively with external partners (e.g. suppliers, agencies etc)

Whether you need to tidy up an existing plan, remove some clutter or start from scratch, I can tailor my services to meet your needs.

Plus the New Zealand government is offering grants and support through the Regional Business Partners Programme to assist businesses through these challenging times. I am a qualified service provider offering five services including Covid-19 Business Continuity, Marketing Planning, Export Planning, Brand Positioning and New Zealand Retail Launch support.

So if you need help with planning your way forward and streamlining your marketing, get in touch for a virtual cuppa and chat.

Ph: 0276333146


Stay safe


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