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Let me help you and your business find your fame and lift your game.

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We've all been there. So many competing priorities, so few hours in the day.


Perhaps your strategy or marketing planning need a rethink, it's been on the to-do list for a while now, and you need some help to get the ball rolling.


Maybe you know you need to innovate but not sure which direction to take.

Or it could be as simple as having some business problems that need attention you simply don't have capacity for right now.

You are not alone and help is here.

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Your roadmap to success

Bridging the gap between today and your five-year goal can be daunting. You might need help to review your current plan, or go back to the basics of clarifying where you're heading and what's the best way to get there.

Achieving clarity on strategy will set you up for everything else. I can help you to set out the plan to reach your goals, and develop achievable milestones to measure and celebrate along the way.

Quick tip: deeply understanding your target customers (who might not be your current customers) and their needs is crucial to strategy development

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Reaching your customers

Once you're clear on your strategic direction we can put together the plan to connect your product or services with your customers. 

Together we'll develop your practical marketing plan including your brand and value proposition, your range of products or services to meet customers' needs, your routes to market, pricing and promotions, and your communications plan.

Plus I can help you find the right creative or delivery partners as needed.

Quick tip: a proper marketing plan deals with all aspects of the marketing mix (the "P's"), not just advertising and promotion

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Keeping you relevant

Innovating for tomorrow while managing today can be tough, and sometimes there are more ideas than hours in the day! 
I can help with customer-focussed ideation, project prioritisation, resource planning and project management services.

Quick tip: start by profiling and prioritising your target customers and their unmet needs as this will become the benchmark for testing ideas


I am a registered service provider to the Regional Business Partners Capability Development Voucher Scheme. This scheme offers matched funding for qualifying businesses.

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My services are adaptable to suit your needs, your internal resources and the time you have available.


When time and capacity are not on your side, let me be the extra pair of hands and second brain you wish you had. With smart briefing, I can quickly get to know your business challenges, and work in ways that suit you to help find the solutions. These might be one-off projects or you may need a go-to person for help across a range of issues.

This way you get to keep going with your many other priorities, and know that the "tricky" project is also being taken care of.


If your budget is bijou, I offer DIY-type services where I provide you with a simple and clearly guided toolkit to help you find your way.

My role is to coach, challenge and support you as you work through it, and to be your customers' advocate. This is a great way to build your own knowledge and skills, and to fully own the outputs of your work.

This option is popular with small and medium sized companies, and you might eligible for the Regional Business Partners co-funding.


  • Food, Dairy and FMCG specialist

  • Investment logic mapping

  • Customer journey mapping

  • Purpose & values development

  • Customer insights and persona creation

  • Brand proposition, positioning & development

  • Marketing planning

  • Innovation and project management

  • Export advice

  • Coaching and mentoring

  • Workshop planning and facilitation - in-person or online

  • Governance (CMInstD)

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