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Let me help you and your business find your fame and lift your game.

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How would you describe your business strategy?

Completely sorted and you're getting stuck in? Done a bit on it but it gets forgotten about? Or perhaps it's not something you've really spent time pondering - you have a business to run after all.

And how's your marketing working for you?

Would you say you have a practical plan that's part of the day-to-day running of your business and seeing great results?

Or maybe you feel you've made some iffy investments in the past, so now you're cautious. Or maybe you just don't have a plan, and it all feels a bit ad hoc.

You are not alone and help is here.

My services are adaptable to suit your needs, your internal resources and the time you have available. After an initial chat to learn more about your business (first hour is on me), I can prepare a plan according to your needs.

Plus I am a registered service provider to the Regional Business Partners Capability Development Voucher Scheme. This scheme offers matched funding for qualifying businesses.

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Your roadmap to success

Bridging the gap between today and five years' time can be daunting. You might need help to review and fine-tune an existing plan, or go back to the basics of clarifying who you are, what you stand for, what makes your business special, and who cares about that.
Also, how have your customers' needs and your operating environment changed?
I can work with your team to answer these questions, set out the plan to reach your goals, and develop achievable milestones to measure and celebrate success along the way.

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Reaching your customers

Once you're clear on your strategic direction of travel we can put together the plan to connect your product or services with your customers. 

Together we'll develop your practical marketing plan including your brand proposition, your range of products or services to meet customer needs, your routes to market, pricing and promotions, and your communications plan.

Plus I can help you find the right creative or delivery partners as needed.

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Keeping you relevant

Innovating for tomorrow while managing today can be tough, and sometimes there are more ideas than hours in the day! 
I can help with customer-focussed ideation, project prioritisation, resource planning and project management advice.


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